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Paden Fallis – Writer & Actor

Years ago we had done Paden’s original WordPress website but it was time for a redesign! Paden was not just doing acting these days but more writing and directing. He moved from the East Coast to the West and I wanted to give the website more of that vibe. Paden’s style is simple, modern, and… Read more »

Tree Consulting Business Website

A new WordPress website we designed for Shawn Walker with Trees 101. His business is brand new and local – in Harpers Ferry. After creating the logo a few weeks ago, we wanted the website to have a similar organic feel. Having trees as a subject matter made it easy to incorporate his photos into… Read more »

Funderdome Website Redesign

Funderdome in Ft. Lauderdale needed a new design for a WordPress website. We wanted something fun, modern, clean and easy to navigate. I designed the look of the website and Massive Impressions developed the website.

Realmsic Conquest Website

A while back I had designed a book cover for A. Demethius Jackson and he came to us for a website to go with the book. I had fun designing a site to match the art I had done before. We added a little Flash for effect and kept it clean, modern, and mysterious. The… Read more »

Belle Caribe Website

Here is a simple and clean WordPress website for a beautiful rental property in St. Thomas. The client wanted the gorgeous photos of the house and area to be the focal point and draw the viewer in. You can view the live site here.

Men’s Health Month

Mid-April we launched a redesign for Men’s Health Month. This is a large website with a lot of information so we restructured the menu and tried to make it easy to navigate. We wanted the design to appeal to men. This is actually a WordPress website with some custom features. You can view the new… Read more »