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New Years Poster

This was a classy poster design for Clyde’s of Reston. We used the same design for various marketing collateral.

Annual Report Graphic

Discover Outdoors Foundation, in NYC, had the idea to do their first year’s annual report as a graphical representation instead of as a boring old booklet. I designed it bright, bold and included fun illustrations. It can be used as a web pop-up, a poster, a mailer, or be emailed as an attachment.

Poster for Cinco De Mayo

A festive poster design for celebrating Cinco De Mayo at Clyde’s of Columbia. I went with margarita colors, a pattern and fun type.

Chopped Poster

An executive chef at Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge was having a viewing party for his Chopped show. I designed a bright poster, creating a tear down the poster with the Chopped logo to split up the copy.

Bourbon & Cigar Event Poster

Clyde’s at Mark Center are hosting a new Bourbon and Cigar Tasting event and needed a poster and table tent card to advertise with.

Clyde’s Beer Festival Poster

Clyde’s had a new beer festival coming up and I had creative freedom to come up with a design. Since the festival is featuring smaller breweries, I wanted it to feel handmade. I decided to draw the Craft Beer type instead of using a regular font to give it that handmade feel. I took a… Read more »

Oysters! Dive In

Here is a poster I designed for Clyde’s of Tysons Corner. They started serving oysters and wanted artwork to highlight their newest addition. Oyster lined artwork was given to me by Clydes, I simply colored the shells. I wanted the design to be classy, a little vintage, and fun.

OptfinITy Branding

OptfinITy was a new name for Solution Works. I designed a large exhibit banner, their new business cards and a postcard advertising the name change.

Poster for Clyde’s Children Hour

Clyde’s of Gallery Place needed a poster and table tent to advertise their Children’s Hour shows. I started the project sketching at the park while watching my kids play. I scanned in my sketches and put together the final image. I wanted to create something earthy and fun with a touch of color.