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Bourbon & Cigar Event Poster

Clyde’s at Mark Center are hosting a new Bourbon and Cigar Tasting event and needed a poster and table tent card to advertise with.

Realmsic Map

My first stab at a fantasy map for The Realmsic Conquest website. The client provided a sketch and some sample maps and I designed this in Photoshop. I had fun using my Wacom tablet to put this together.

Oysters! Dive In

Here is a poster I designed for Clyde’s of Tysons Corner. They started serving oysters and wanted artwork to highlight their newest addition. Oyster lined artwork was given to me by Clydes, I simply colored the shells. I wanted the design to be classy, a little vintage, and fun.

Urban Investment Partners

Urban Investment Partners is a realty group that needed a new design for their real estate flyers. In addition to their fresh design, they wanted me to draw a custom map for each property. I did two, one zoomed in for easier driving and one zoomed out to see the general location. Check out their… Read more »

Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

I had the chance to work with Bob Hynes on an exhibit in one of the world’s most visited museums! Friday is the official opening of the new Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight Gallery. It was a lot of fun to visit the Smithsonian during the production and see the various people and tasks that… Read more »

Book Cover Design

A. Demethius Jackson needed a cover for his first book. He had an idea of a castle being illuminated in darkness with three swirls of magic in the sky. Also in the one window is a faint candle flame. I created this book cover in Photoshop, using a collage of photos, brushes, and some harsh… Read more »