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Discover Outdoors Foundation – Hike-A-Thon 2016

Sharing a T-shirt Design I did last week for Discover Outdoors Foundation in NYC for an upcoming event. They wanted something a little vintage this year and I had fun with this sweet typeface I found, modifying it some and working with some simple mountains/trees. Every year they have a hiking fundraiser to raise funds… Read more »

Darren Cyrus — Moo MiniCards

I designed a logo for Darren’s new company. He wanted a crest of some sort with his ‘C’ for Cyrus and had an idea with a shield. I sketched a variety of ideas but decided to mock up this idea, combining the a ‘C’ on a shield.     Through the drafts we decided to… Read more »

Atomidata logo

A fun retro logo design that I think came out really well. Unfortunately, Atomidata had to close down, so if anyone is interested in repurposing this logo to their own needs, let me know!  

Besaw’s Firewood

Another local detailed logo. This logo will mainly be for the businesses truck wrap. Besaw was the client’s last name and he decided to use it to his advantage with a feisty bee holding a chainsaw for his firewood business. I tried to make it fun and colorful with a bit of local mountain vibe.

Shepherd Wellness Center’s Sea Snakes

The Shepherd University’s Wellness Center started up a new competitive swim team for kids and teens this year and needed a new logo. During my research I discovered that the sea snake is actually quite deadly. I used Shepherd’s color scheme, Shepherd Wellness Center’s font tweaked just a little bit to be a tad prettier… Read more »

Logo for Photography by Lindsay

A logo design for a photographer. She wanted her name to stand out and feel personal and unique. As a photographer, we wanted to be sure it was heavy enough that it could stand as a watermark on top of images. View Lindsay’s site.

Blueprint Bamboo Logo

A new company, and we’re starting with the logo. The company sells eco-friendly bamboo for your house and we wanted the logo to explain that visually. More marketing pieces to come…

Dead Cow 5k T-shirt Design

A fun request! A local luau-themed party needed a t-shirt for their 5k run. The dead cow aspect is a long and twisted story but makes for a great t-shirt!


Here is the final logo design for a local organization. It is aimed for an older audience and the clarity of the type was very important to the client. The type all had to be fairly large and easy to read. Also we went with conservative colors to appeal to the target audience.

MOMfinds, BRIDEfinds, and SHEfinds graphics

These are various icons and banners I created for MOMfinds and BRIDEfinds. There are kids sales icon for, group coupon icon for, BRIDEfinds icons and banners, RSS feeds subscribers, and Celebrity Baby Scoop icons and banners, RSS feeds for subscribers from, and Celebrity Baby Scoop.