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Discover Outdoors Foundation – Hike-A-Thon 2016

Sharing a T-shirt Design I did last week for Discover Outdoors Foundation in NYC for an upcoming event. They wanted something a little vintage this year and I had fun with this sweet typeface I found, modifying it some and working with some simple mountains/trees. Every year they have a hiking fundraiser to raise funds… Read more »

New Years Poster

This was a classy poster design for Clyde’s of Reston. We used the same design for various marketing collateral.

Paden Fallis – Writer & Actor

Years ago we had done Paden’s original WordPress website but it was time for a redesign! Paden was not just doing acting these days but more writing and directing. He moved from the East Coast to the West and I wanted to give the website more of that vibe. Paden’s style is simple, modern, and… Read more »

Illustrated Seed Packets

I designed these two custom seed packets with Robert Hynes beautiful paintings. We wanted them to feel organic and it took some time to cut out the artwork.

Anne Frank House Brochure

A tri-fold brochure for a non-profit in Washington DC providing housing to those in need.

Twin Ridge Brochure

I got to refresh the design for the trifold brochure for the local Twin Ridge Upland Bird Farm. They had some newer photos to work with and the design highlights the photography and shares the pricing and basic information.

Besaw’s Firewood

Another local detailed logo. This logo will mainly be for the businesses truck wrap. Besaw was the client’s last name and he decided to use it to his advantage with a feisty bee holding a chainsaw for his firewood business. I tried to make it fun and colorful with a bit of local mountain vibe.

Johns Hopkins T-shirt Design

The Johns Hopkins Epilepsy group were looking for a t-shirt design for their nurses and doctors to wear. I came up with this design, a nice 2 color design to go on a dark gray shirt.

Annual Report Graphic

Discover Outdoors Foundation, in NYC, had the idea to do their first year’s annual report as a graphical representation instead of as a boring old booklet. I designed it bright, bold and included fun illustrations. It can be used as a web pop-up, a poster, a mailer, or be emailed as an attachment.

Postcard Design

Discover Outdoors Foundation is a new branch of an existing company who was looking for a postcard to capture attention to their new foundation. We didn’t want to have too much copy, mostly a piece to say “here we are” to the world. We used their own photos of a recent event for the back.