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Wild about Healthy Vision Agenda Book

One of my favorite jobs of 2012 was to illustrate this book for National Eye Institute (NEI). The client wanted an agenda book that was useful to kids, appealed to kids, and taught the kids eye facts with activities and cartoons. We began by submitting characters for the agenda book. The various submissions were focus… Read more »

Realmsic Map

My first stab at a fantasy map for The Realmsic Conquest website. The client provided a sketch and some sample maps and I designed this in Photoshop. I had fun using my Wacom tablet to put this together.

Book Cover Design

A. Demethius Jackson needed a cover for his first book. He had an idea of a castle being illuminated in darkness with three swirls of magic in the sky. Also in the one window is a faint candle flame. I created this book cover in Photoshop, using a collage of photos, brushes, and some harsh… Read more »