I’m so excited to see the final printed product after working on these two booklets over the winter for this collaborative effort between CMU and WVU. These are both 8-panel accordion-folded booklets, to be handed out with research studies to teenage girls. The top one is a reference guide showing all the various birth control options available and it was important to me that it feel designed with them in mind. The accordion fold was chosen so that the girls could compare and contrast the various options easily. I tried to make the information very simple, and we created a coding system at the bottom with the different types of birth control. The second piece includes healthy recipes that are shown in an accompanying video and are part of an Eat Smart initiative. The pieces were actually printed locally here in Hagerstown by HBP, Inc.

I had a blast designing a Tshirt for the local (and very talented) cast of Rock of Ages that performed at The Apollo in Martinsburg in September, 2016. I created quick illustrations of references from the play and we printed these on white T-shirts.

Sharing a T-shirt Design I did last week for Discover Outdoors Foundation in NYC for an upcoming event. They wanted something a little vintage this year and I had fun with this sweet typeface I found, modifying it some and working with some simple mountains/trees. Every year they have a hiking fundraiser to raise funds for NYC kids.
Check them out! http://www.discoveroutdoors.org/





It’s great to see the wrap of a larger project. This project was one of our more complicated projects that was a year in the making. The client wanted a new, fresh site and needed a responsive site, one that fit all the devices for their high tech audience. I was able to start on redesigning the front-end right away but the back-end was a bit messy. Donor Egg Bank USA required a top-notch database that allowed for searching but also security to be rebuilt in the back end for the new site. My amazing freelance developers, Vasil & Filip accomplished this over months and the end project is done!

A year ago the site wasn’t responsive and looked like this:

Old site Old site



I kept the same logo but updated the brown to gray and brightened up the orange a tad. I actually tried to stick to the same colors, just brightened them a little and tried to give them a fresher, modern feel. I introduced a sans serif font and used a lot more photography. The redesign is very vertical so it’s easier to see in two images, or better yet, go to their site: https://donoreggbankusa.com





I designed a logo for Darren’s new company. He wanted a crest of some sort with his ‘C’ for Cyrus and had an idea with a shield. I sketched a variety of ideas but decided to mock up this idea, combining the a ‘C’ on a shield.




Through the drafts we decided to make the ‘C’ look like it was embossed on the shield. For the cards, I kept them simple but matched the style of the logo. They are Moo’s MiniCards so half of a business card with rounded corners.


Years ago we had done Paden’s original WordPress website but it was time for a redesign! Paden was not just doing acting these days but more writing and directing. He moved from the East Coast to the West and I wanted to give the website more of that vibe. Paden’s style is simple, modern, and clean and I tried to keep that throughout. It is WordPress so that Paden can maintain it on his own with ease.

Paden Website Paden Website Resume

Discover Outdoors wanted a piece to hand out that showcases what they are all about in a quick postcard design. I took one of their own photos for the front and adjusted the colors slightly to make it pop out a little to capture the interest of the viewer. On the back, the client had a lot of information to share. They liked my past Annual Report design with the color blocks so I used that design but added some of their photos into the layout.